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pictured above in part of the Buriram Mitsubishi Water Pump Display at Ruangsangthai in Buriram, Thailand.

Ruangsangthai stocks over 1200 genuine Mitsubishi Water Pumps from small home models all the way to Industrial Water Pumps.  You can see consumer models on display as you walk into Ruangsangthai in Buriram with prices posted right on each Mitsubishi Water Pump.  As you walk around the large warehouse store you can see pallet after pallet of new Mitsubishi water pumps stacked high to the rafters and the heavy duty Mitsubishi Super Pumps stacked at floor level in Wooden Crates and most consumer models in cardboard cartons.  You can see some models are made in Japan and other genuine Mitsubishi Electric water pumps are made in Thailand.  All water pumps come with a written real warranty at Ruangsangthai.  Deep well pumps, centrifugal pump, land pumps, jet-pump, submersible pump, the full line of Mitsubishi Water Pumps are on Display at Ruangsangthai. 

  Any Mitsubishi water pump you purchase from Ruangsangthai is TESTED prior to leaving the store, and you might consider the professional installation services of the experienced staff of Ruangsangthai.  This store has teams of men who install and service water pumps for homes of all sizes, commercial buildings, municipal (village or subdivision) water supply systems and factories.  The clerk at a chain store is NOT your best source of product knowledge for YOUR water supply needs.  Pi Chai, the owner of Ruangsangthai will sit down with you and discuss your water situation and can even send qualified staff to your home to speak Thai to your spouse on water supply options.  Pi Chai and selected other Ruangsangthai staff can show you a written water plan in English and listen to your questions in English and answer you in English to make sure you buy the right Mitsubishi pump(s) for your home or business.  Delivery and Service is easier and more frequent in Buriram and Surin Province, but some clients are in other Isaan Provinces.

Ruangsangthai is an AUTHORIZED Mitsubishi water pump repair station and they have thousands of water pump parts in stock at the new Ruangsangthai location.  A major consideration, besides the LOWEST PRICES offered at Ruangsangthai, is the fact that repair staff can come to your Buriram or Surin Province home or business with a loaner” Mitsubishi water pump in the truck if they can’t make the immediate repairs on the spot at your location. This way you have steady water at your location, and the repair staff can take (and return) your Mitsubishi water pump to their location where they have a huge selection of the proper replacement parts and even more tools than they could carry on a pickup truck.  The same repair staff at your home might have been working the day before on the water system of a Buriram Football Stadium.  If you buy your Mitsubishi water pump at Ruangsangthai you can phone the owner’s mobile phone and speak English with him if you have questions. 044-666-484 ext 117

Above the Mitsubishi Super Pump. Below  The Mitsubishi EP-155QS | Mitsubishi EP-305QS | Mitsubishi WP-205QS | Mitsubishi WP-155QS | Mitsubishi WP-255QS water pumps.