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  Ruangsangthai stocks the largest selection of professional and dependable Mitsubishi Electric Motors than any other source in Buriram Province or Surin Province.  With this HIGH sales volume and low overhead (no expensive Mall locations, no fancy store gardens, no white gloved parking lot attendants, no billboard rentals) operation, the family owned Ruangsangthai, in Buriram sells Mitsubishi electric motors in all sizes for the lowest cost in Isaan.  They stock over 1000 Mitsubishi electric motors at the new Highway 2074 location in Buriram.  044-666-484 ext 117 for English

Before you buy a Mitsubishi Electric Motor, the staff of Ruangsangthai will test that motor and make sure you have the factory warranty.  Free Delivery and factory authorized service coupled with the lowest prices make this the smart store to buy any Mitsubishi Electric motors in Surin Province or Buriram province. Puma Air Compressors in all sizes, with genuine Mitsubishi Electric Motors, give many years of dependable service. 

Ruangsangthai does a serious DISCOUNT business in the quiet and dependable Mitsubishi Electric ceiling fans and Mitsubishi wall fans you often see in Hospitals, Government Buildings and commercial establishments.  Due to the high volume purchases by Buriram and Surin Building Contractors at Ruangsangthai they can offer low prices on other Mitsubishi fans including quiet ceiling extraction fans.  Ruangsangthai carries a limited stock of the quality Mitsubishi floor standing fans and desk fans, but not in every model or every color.  However the prices on the select Mitsubishi floor standing Fan and Mitsubishi desk fans will be lower than any other dealer in Surin Province or Buriram Province. 

Quiet Mitsubishi ceiling exhaust fans now in stock December 2018.