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Ruangsangthai also known as the Buriram Power Tool & Water Pump shop, is a HIGH VOLUME, low cost authorized dealer of genuine BOSCH power tools, Bosch Pressure Washers and BOSCH Lawn Mowers.  Bosch has a well deserved proud history of designing and manufacturing QUALITY tools at a price that over the long term is cost efficient.  Ruangsangthai buys Bosch  impact drills, high speed drills, circular saws, cordless drills, Cordless Garden Saws, grinders, chop-saw, Bosch AQUATAK High Pressure Washers and Bosch Electric Lawn Mowers direct and in large quantities and passes the savings on to you.  Just as important is the fact that Ruangsangthai stocks spare parts for most Bosch tools sold in Thailand.  Ruangsantthai is an AUTHORIZED repair location for Bosch Warranty repairs. They can also repair your Bosch tools when the warranty period is no longer in force.  As with any electric item sold by Ruangsanthai, the store staff will TEST the item in front of you prior to you making your purchase.  They can explain in Thai and even English how to safely and properly use the Bosch Power Tool, Bosch Pressure Sprayer or even the Bosch Electric Lawn Mowers they have for immediate purchase and even FREE delivery.  

Ruangsangthai Hardware House Builders Merchants has a full time Native English Speaker to assist Buriram Expats in English.  Mr. Bob can assist you in person, by telephone or via e-mail in Buriram, Thailand for materials, delivery, repairs, installation. Troy Bilt | Snapper | Makita | Honda Lawn Mowers in Stock and available to deliver to any province in Thailand. 

Pictured above is the Buriram Bosch Power Tools display at Ruangsangthai. 

Pictured below are Makita ELM4410 Electric Lawn Mowers | Talon Grass Mower | Bosch Rotak 32 Lawn Mower | Makita ELM3310.